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June 16, 2010

Welcome to my CSA blog!

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My husband Casey and I have decided that this would be the summer we joined our local CSA. Then, I got the idea to blog the CSA: what we get each week, and what we do with it. This way, we’ll have a record of this year, so we can decide whether we want to renew next year, or if we want to change our subscription in any way.
Our CSA is Grindstone Farm, in Pulaski, NY. They’re an organic farm, which actually matters less to me than getting good local produce does. We got a full season share from them, which means that each week we’ll get a bunch of produce; they say that earlier share selections generally are smaller than what we’ll get later in the season. In addition to the vegetable shares, we also have the option to sign up for an egg share (a dozen free range eggs each week, or we can just order eggs each week by the dozen), a flower share (a bunch of seasonal flowers each week), various meat and poultry products (we’re omnivores, and are particularly excited about being able to get goat and rabbit), and other food products including nuts and maple syrup from other organic farms. As we live in Oswego, we’ll pick up our share each Thursday afternoon here in Oswego. Thursday also happens to be the day when our weekly farmer’s market is held, so if there’s anything we want more of, we can pick it up there.
We’ve already gotten several e-mails with versions of what this week’s share will be, in slightly differing versions, and a newsletter with a few ideas and recipes for things included in this week’s share. The most recent version was sent to us on Tuesday. As some people in the area have Tuesday pickups for their shares, this is probably the real deal.
The intent is that each week, we’ll tell you what we’re supposed to get and any suggested uses. We may also tell you some of what we’re thinking of doing. We’ll take any suggestions under advisement, although we make no promises. We’ll do our best to get that out on Tuesday, when we get it. Then, once we actually pick up our share, we’ll show you what we got, and as we use it up, we’ll tell you how it happens. We’ll do our best to give you both words and pictures. And when the CSA season ends, 21 weeks from now, we’ll be able to see exactly how well this worked out for us.
So, sit back and enjoy the ride….


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