Someone Else's Farm

June 17, 2010

Week 01

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Here’s our haul. It wouldn’t fit into one photo!

We got everything on the list, except for the strawberries. Guess they didn’t have enough of those, or something. I may ask the farm about that tomorrow, if I get a chance. The “salad lettuce” was one head of what I think is just plain old green leaf lettuce, and the broccoli is two rather tiny-looking stalks worth. But at least some of the lettuce will go into radish sandwiches with Saint-Andre (or butter!) and sea salt (either Maldon or fleur de sel; I have both on hand) and the broccoli should combine nicely with the garlic scapes in a stir-fry.

We’ve already put things away. Casey washed all the greens before putting them away. We looked up radish greens and discovered that they are in fact edible, but elected to toss them as we’ve got plenty of other greens to eat this week. (Correction from the one who washed them: I cut the greens off the radishes, washed both of them and stored the separately. I figured they might add a nice complexity to the other greens.) I’ve been reading up on things to do with greens, and have come up with a couple of ideas that look promising: folding the cooked greens into corn tortillas to make tacos, and the fairly standard greens-beans combination in a few different iterations. I’m sure I’ll find more things to do when I’m not in a rush.

We have a lot of radishes. (Ah, spring!) I’m still trying to come up with things to do with them, other than make sandwiches. I’m contemplating a sort of pickle, in rice vinegar with a little salt.

At the farmers market, we added to the haul with some more peas and some new potatoes. We got the potatoes from the vendor we used last time, and they were terrific. The peas, of course, we’ll eat from the pod. The potatoes are as of yet undetermined.


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