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June 18, 2010

Some Firsts

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Two firsts at dinner tonight!

The first first: a photo from my cell phone. It’s pretty lousy, especially compared to the photos of the haul taken with Casey’s DSLR. But dinner was on the table, we were hungry, and my cell phone was a lot closer than any other camera. Therefore, a cell phone picture’s what I snapped:

Lettuce wraps

Dinner, Friday 18 June 2010

The second first of tonight: our first usage of produce from the CSA box. Look closely, and you might find it!

Figured it out yet?


There’s about an inch of garlic scape in this.

We had other produce that needed to be used, and it inspired Casey to make something which, he says, we’ll never duplicate. The outside was larger leaves of romaine lettuce. On top of that were cooked and chilled rice noodles, pieces of marinated skirt steak, and a salad of tomato and cilantro. If we’d had cucumber, that would have also gone on top, but I ate all the cucumber in the house a few days ago (with hummus, for lunch). There may have also been a little dressing poured over everything; I say this because more juice dribbled out of the lettuce rolls as I ate them than I would have expected otherwise. I believe the marinade for the beef was made from ketsap manis (a thick, sweet Indonesian soy sauce), regular light soy sauce, sesame oil, and a pinch of sugar. I’m a little embarrassed to say so, but I’m not entirely sure where the inch of garlic scape was: whether it got pounded into the marinade, pounded into the dressing, sliced into the salad, or something else entirely. Maybe the cook will enlighten me. Wherever it was, it was a dinner I wouldn’t mind eating again. Too bad that’s never going to happen.

(Edited to add: Lime juice! I saw a lime getting squeezed, but can’t remember what happened to it! But there was most definitely lime juice somewhere in dinner. I love limes!)


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