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June 19, 2010

Radish Sandwich for Lunch

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Baguette, triple-creme brie, thinly sliced radishes, sea salt

Radish sandwich

Lunch on a hot and humid day, post-bike ride: a sandwich. Casey made this. The sandwich is more or less as described in Jack Bishop’s book A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen.

The sandwich started with a baguette, which I picked up at Wegmans yesterday, sliced lengthwise and opened up. Then, one half of the baguette got spread with triple-creme brie, also purchased at Wegmans yesterday, and allowed to sit on the counter for about half an hour, to warm up to room temperature. The book’s recipe called specifically for Saint-André cheese, but Wegmans (at least the store on Route 11 in Cicero) doesn’t carry it. I made do with Wegmans Rich & Buttery Triple Creme Brie, which was as close as I could come. Casey sliced a couple of radishes (one more red and the other more purple) very thinly, on a plastic slicer using the 1 mm spacer. I was surprised to see the pretty little speckles of color inside the radishes. The radish slices got layered onto the cheese, and then sprinkled with a touch of our fleur de sel. We skipped the lettuce that Bishop calls for, because I forgot to tell Casey when he asked what needed to go in the sandwich other than cheese and radish, but we have cheese and radishes and salt still, so if we can find a baguette we can try it again.

This is another winner. As far as I’m concerned, triple-creme brie is a winner any time, especially with vegetables in the equation. (Or fruits. I love to eat brie on slices of pears.) I particularly liked the crunch of the radish against the soft texture of the cheese. The only thing that wasn’t quite perfect was the bread, probably from sitting for 24 hours before we used it. For a comparison, I also think next time I’d try using Maldon salt, to see if it keeps its crunch, to add another layer of texture to the sandwich. I’d also happily do my mother-in-law’s variation, using butter instead of cheese. After all, nutritionally speaking, there’s probably not much difference between butter and triple-creme brie!


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