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June 26, 2010

Post-Nap Dinner

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Yesterday, both of us were tired after a long day. So independently, we each lay down (Casey in front of the TV, me with a book) and napped for a couple of hours. I don’t know about Casey, but a couple of hours later, I woke up with a cat quietly staring at me. It was more than an hour past his usual dinnertime, so he was, in fact, being very patient. Not long after that, Casey came upstairs and we bounced around ideas for dinner, specifically ideas to use the piece of wild salmon filet I’d brought home, what was left from last week’s vegetables, and other leftover odds and ends. It was getting late and I was hungry, but Casey made something more involved than I would have expected or cooked under the circumstances.

Fish; stuffed chard leaf

The sauce for the fish came from a recipe Casey found on the BBC’s Web site. I think he said it was from Olive magazine. It was a bunch of things, including ginger, a whole chile, and tomatoes, whizzed together and then cooked down. It was gutsy, hot and sweet but not totally overwhelming the salmon, definitely a keeper, and I was delighted that we have a bit left over to use on something else. He says it was also easy, which is always good.

The bundle is what happened to the last of last week’s chard (and the leftover rice from the stir-fry lunch). It was kind of a mash-up from two of Jack Bishop’s recipes: one for a chard leaf stuffed with bulghur and the other for chard stems. The biggest of the remaining leaves were blanched and shocked. The other leaves were separated from their stems, and leaves and stems were cooked separately, combined with leftover rice and I don’t know what else, and bundled and rolled inside the big leaves. The cheese is part of a wheel of Gouda we purchased in the Netherlands and aged a little longer, and is now as good a grating cheese as Parmesan. The stuffed chard leaf is another idea worth hanging onto, especially as we have another big bundle of chard to use this week…and more coming next week (along with its buddies Green Kale and Red Kale, it sounds like).

We agreed that the two pieces were both good. But the two together didn’t work quite so well. Next time we’ll serve them in separate meals.


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