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June 30, 2010

Apologies to Philadelphia

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Sausage, kale, provolone, bread

Last night at dinner, I made sandwiches inspired by a Philadelphia favorite, the roast pork and broccoli rabe sandwich. But since I had neither pork to roast nor broccoli rabe, I made do with what was in my fridge: sausages and kale. The kale was the dinosaur kale from last Thursday’s delivery, which I stemmed, ribboned, steamed in a touch of water till tender, squeezed mostly dry, and tossed in olive oil with an onion. The sausages were a chicken Italian sausage, purchased already cooked, split lengthwise to expose more surface area, and browned in a touch more olive oil in the same frying pan as the kale. The sandwich was on a rather generic roll, with the kale, a pair of sausage halves, and then a slice of provolone layered on top, and the whole thing heated under the broiler till the cheese was melted and slightly brown.

This meal didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, as something had a sort of musty flavor that I really didn’t care for. The problem had nothing to do with the kale, roll, or cheese, and everything to do with the sausage. I verified this by removing the sausage from my second sandwich and eating it just as greens and cheese on bread, and thereby removing the musty flavor that I didn’t like. Next time, I’ll use a different brand of chicken sausage, or go back to Bosco’s regular, reliably good, sausage. I actually wish we’d had more kale: that big bunch we got wilted down into just barely enough to lightly cover the four rolls. I would have preferred a thicker layer, especially on my second, sausageless, sandwich.

From this week, we still have lettuce and rhubarb, and stuff that’s destined for stir-fry (yellow squash, bok choy, tatsoi). I’m thinking stir-fried veg tonight, maybe as a side dish to whatever. Leftover pie for dessert, of course!


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