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July 02, 2010

Radish Sandwich Redux

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baguette, lettuce, radish, brie

This sandwich may look a little bit familiar. But this time we downgraded the cheese, tweaked the salt, and remembered the lettuce.

The cheese got downgraded because we didn’t figure out that we’d need it until this evening, which means I couldn’t get the triple-creme stuff at Wegman’s. We made do with the imported-from-France brie available here in town, which was OK but not as sublime. Casey cut the rind off, because it was really thick. I normally don’t mind a little bit of bloomy rind, but this would have been more than a little bit, more like trying to bite through elephant skin. (Not that I’ve ever tried to do that, of course!) If I’d known, I definitely would have brought home some triple-creme this morning. But I didn’t know, so I brought home some three-year-old Tillamook cheddar instead. (I did have the foresight to pick up a baguette, on general principles. I didn’t know what we’d be eating tonight, but I figured a baguette would go with just about anything except a BLT, and even that might work OK.) I don’t think that would have worked nearly as well as generic French brie.

As for the salt, I used Maldon salt this time, and liked it. It maintained its crunch in the sandwich, but it was a different sort of crunch than the crunch of the radish slices, or the crust of the bread. The salt absolutely makes this sandwich, and it doesn’t take much: I used just what I could pinch between my thumb and first finger, and sprinkled it all along the opening of the sandwich.

I did some research on the lettuce, which came in the Week 02 haul. If you recall, the list said “royal oak leaf lettuce,” but I said:

We got two bunches of teeny-tiny heads of greens with elongated spiny leaves, but to me they look like dandelion greens or possibly arugula, not lettuce. Until I’m told otherwise, I’m going to assume dandelion greens, and tag them as such.

Shows you what I know about greens. Casey tasted a leaf this evening before putting it into the sandwich, since we knew we wouldn’t want a peppery green like arugula in a sandwich with peppery radish slices. His taste buds confirmed that it was definitely not arugula. And as soon as I tasted a bite, I knew for sure it wasn’t dandelion greens, as it wasn’t bitter enough for dandelions of that size. Instead, I just got a nice, soft, lettuce leaf. The original recipe for the sandwich suggested using bibb lettuce, and while that would probably be quite nice, this lettuce may have worked even better because the elongated shape of the leaf fit perfectly into the hunk of baguette. So, whatever it was, it was definitely lettuce. So, given that it was definitely lettuce, I found some pictures of royal oak leaf lettuce, and whaddaya know? The pictures show small heads, long leaves with lots of points. In short, they look exactly like what we picked up last week. Thus, I officially apologize for any doubts I may have had about the veracity of Grindstone Farm’s greens identification. I’d happily take more of this lettuce.

The radishes are from Week 01. We still have four of them left. Lucky for us, we still have some brie left from the wedge we got this evening, and about half the baguette also.


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