Someone Else's Farm

July 02, 2010

Week 03

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Tomatoes, cukes, rhubarb, greens

garlic scapes, kale, bok choy

We got a few pleasant surprises this week in our box, which we picked up yesterday. Here’s the comparison of the list and the actual:

  • Asparagus: a bunch. I wasn’t expecting to see this since we hadn’t gotten any in a while, but I’m happy to get it.
  • Bok choy: a head, but it looks different than what we got last week (last week’s stems were white, but this week’s are greener), so it must be a different variety?
  • Rainbow chard: no. We’ve been eating what feels like a ton of chard for the last few weeks, so I’m OK with this.
  • Garlic scapes: a nice big bunch.
  • Green kale: the bunch looks bigger than last week’s bunch of dinosaur kale. Guess I’ll have an opportunity to try making another sandwich, if I want.
  • Red kale: no, but the bunch of green kale is big enough to make up for the lack of red kale, at least a little.
  • Rhubarb: another bunch, larger than last week’s bunch. I suspect both are destined for a gingery-topped crumble.
  • Either pak choi, an extra bok choy, or tatsoi in lieu of broccoli: Maybe what I thought was bok choy is actually pak choi? In any case, we actually got some broccoli, so maybe we didn’t need anything in lieu of broccoli.

And in addition to these, not on the original list, we got a handful of pickling-style cucumbers and a basket of multicolored grape-shaped tomatoes. I love a good tomato, and I hope these taste like tomatoes.  If we’re getting cucumbers and tomatoes, and we’re about to celebrate a holiday weekend, it must be summer!

I wanted fruit. I know we have more sour cherries in the freezer that I really need to use (more pie!) so I restrained myself at the market. But I couldn’t resist the berries: got two pints of rasp and one pint of blue. We moved away from our previous house just as the raspberry bushes we’d put in were productive enough that you could actually bring some inside, rather than just stuffing your face at the vines. The yard we have here has too much shade, so I’ll make do with berries that someone else grows.


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