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July 04, 2010


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squash/garlic scapes, chicken, bread

I used the yellow squash for last night’s dinner. If it’s yellow squash/zucchini season, I’d better figure out ways to use it up. I’m afraid that if I leave it in the fridge for too long, it might start multiplying on its own. Zucchini seem to do that when left unattended.

Anyhoo: The chicken thighs (one for each of us) were seasoned and then grilled, with a little bit of a very special blueberry-habanero BBQ sauce brushed on at the very end. That, unfortunately, was the end of the sauce, which was a gift from a friend and is unlikely to come this way again. The bread was a bit from the baguette that went outside of the radish sandwiches the other day. And the veg was the end of a red onion (diced), the two yellow squash (diced), and last week’s garlic scapes (cut into pieces about an inch long), all sauteed together in just a touch of butter. I was pleased with the mix of colors in the frying pan, but less pleased at how yellow everything (except the garlic scapes) looked on the plate, especially on our yellow placemats.


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