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July 06, 2010

Eat to Beat the Heat

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BLT salad

It’s hot and sticky here, in a way that doesn’t happen very often. I feel as wilted as a batch of kale that’s sat in the fridge for too long. I don’t want to cook. I barely want to eat. I want to drink copious amounts of cold, sweet, bubbly beverages. I like bubbles in any weather. Bubbles don’t count as eating.

But, alas, one cannot subsist very well on bubbles, especially of the diet variety.

So yesterday, I supplemented my bubbles with this salad, prepared by Casey. It’s mostly Alton Brown’s BLT salad. It used up the tag end of the baguette from a few days ago, all the lettuce in the house (including the second spindly head of royal oak leaf lettuce), about half of the pint box of little tomatoes, and part of the pound of bacon. According to the recipe, we should’ve included more bread, but this was literally all that was left in the house. We also left out the herbs, since we didn’t have any. (If the CSA doesn’t do herbs, I wish they did!)

Casey surprised me by cooking the bacon on the stove, rather than in the microwave. But then again, some of the tomatoes did get tossed in the hot pan to sear, so I guess there was no way of avoiding the stove. I probably would have skipped that part and just nuked the bacon. But I did like the added touch of the warm tomatoes.

It’s still hot today. I spent part of the day in the library, enjoying their AC. Nobody is turning on the stove tonight.


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