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July 07, 2010

Still Hot

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Sandwich, salad, lemonade

Definitely another night not to cook: 90 °F or thereabouts at dinnertime. This salad used up about half the remaining tomatoes from the pint basket, a cucumber, some of a Vidalia onion and a regular on-the-vine tomato from the supermarket, some “fresh” mozzarella, and a few leaves of basil contributed by a friend’s plant. The photo was taken pre-dressing, which in this case consisted only of some cheapo “balsamic” vinegar which I boiled and reduced down significantly, till it became more of a sweet-sour syrup. (I did that a while ago, with the hood venting all the vinegar fumes up and out. If I’d had to do it this week, it definitely would have happened outdoors on a portable stove.) The lack of lettuce or other green in this salad is intentional (and also because we didn’t have any). I contemplated adding some thinly sliced radish, but it seemed like too much work.

The drink is bubble-free but ice-cold lemonade. The sandwich is rather prosaic: ham and chipotle mayo on whole wheat bread. I probably would have stuck some lettuce in the sandwich, had any been on hand. But I’m about to go make myself another, just like this one, for lunch. It’s hot. Again. I suspect tonight’s dinner will be cooked outside.


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