Someone Else's Farm

July 10, 2010

Week 04

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Squashes, greens

Cukes, asparagus, tomato

Thursday night, as usual, we picked up our box. Here’s the comparison of the listing, and what we actually got.

  • Asparagus, 1 lb: yes, and I was surprised to still get asparagus as I would have thought the season was over by now.
  • Broccoli, 1 Bunch Rainbow chard: Yes. Looks better than last week’s broccoli, so it’s probably just as well that we got chard instead of broccoli this week.
  • Green cabbage, 1 Head: A beautiful-looking small one, with nice color.
  • Cucumber, 1: Make that two smaller cukes, of a smooth-skinned variety.
  • Escarole, 1 head Red leaf lettuce: Two small heads. This might be the last lettuce we get for a while, as the hot weather couldn’t have been good for salad greens.
  • Yellow squash, 1.5 lbs: Yes, three squashes.
  • Zucchini, 1.5 lbs: Three. Nothing can stop the zucchini, once it’s started. I’m glad that what we got is a manageable size and not a near relative of a baseball bat.
  • Cherry tomato, 1 pint (or red slicing tomato): One medium-size slicing tomato, more of a purple color than the traditional tomato red.

We didn’t see anything to add at the farmer’s market. I suspect the unusual heat and humidity of the last week has scrambled some farmers’ plans. Yesterday, we got torrential rains, which cleared the air. Today, it’s cool enough that we can actually think about <gasp> cooking indoors, for the first time in quite a while. Maybe we’ll finally use up last week’s kale.


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