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July 12, 2010

Catching Up

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We used more of our CSA produce over the weekend, but didn’t take pictures.

Saturday night for dinner, we had another version of the Sandwiches That Failed, this time courtesy of Casey. The bread was from a seven-grain batard purchased at Wegman’s, and toasted in a bit of olive oil. The sausage was turkey kielbasa, cut into lengths to match the bread. The greens were the kale from last week’s box, cooked in some cider and cider vinegar. (Note to self: Harpoon cider has very little flavor, especially compared to cider from the UK and Ireland, or that’s been hardened at home. Don’t bother spending money on it in the future.) No cheese this time, and I missed it, both for the flavor and because the gooeyness helps to hold the whole sandwich together.

The sandwich, as a whole, was more successful than my version, in large part because the sausage didn’t have the musty flavor I disliked. But similar to the stir-fry from the other night, the kale suffered from the problem of Not Enough Knife. Whether it was more due to the lack of cheese-glue or because the kale wasn’t chopped as finely as it could have been, I had problems where I took a bite and the kale came out en masse. We’re getting there, I think, but the concept still needs work.

And then last night, we fired up the grill for dinner because we found a beautiful steak at Bosco and Geers. Casey seasoned it simply, with olive oil and Borsari brand seasoned salt, original flavor. (Our grill has enameled cast-iron grates. The directions specify that the food, not the grates, should be oiled. So Casey out a little olive oil and salt on one side of the steak, rubbed it in with his hand, flipped the steak, and rubbed his salty oily hand on that side too. That was it.) When Casey went out to check the grill, it was cold because we’d drained the propane tank. Luckily, we had another one, so we swapped it in and fired up the grill again. Alongside the steak, Casey put some foil, and grilled the asparagus from last week. (I just checked, and this week’s asparagus is still in the fridge, so we can do it again.) When it was cooked, it got a squirt of fresh lemon juice, and a sprinkle of lemon zest.

It was a really really good dinner.

Hot again today. I foresee salad for dinner. The last of the seven-grain bread should be just about perfect to turn into croutons.


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