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July 15, 2010

Salad, With Chicken

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It’s been hot this week. Monday, I couldn’t bear the thought of cooking indoors. I took a couple of chicken breasts, gave them a coat of olive oil and Penzey’s Northwoods seasoning, and grilled them. They got cut into bite-sized pieces, which went on top of a salad composed of the CSA lettuce, the last of the CSA pickling cukes from last week, more of those radishes from the very first box (we have only two left to use), sliced on the 1 mm blade of our plastic mandoline, a carrot (also sliced on the mandoline), part of a green pepper and part of a red pepper, the last store-bought tomato, and a few slivers of a sweet onion. It hit the spot for dinner on a day when neither of us felt much like cooking or eating. It looked like a salad with chicken on top, at least till I forgot that our bottle of blue cheese dressing didn’t have a squeezy-top with a flow-restricting hole. Then it looked like a salad with chicken and a white puddle of dressing on top. Luckily, I was able to scoop most of the excess dressing out before my salad drowned, and it wound up not being the disaster it could have been.

I forgot to make croutons out of the last pieces of multigrain bread. But that would have involved turning the toaster oven on.

The one extra thing I did in the kitchen on Monday was to peel all the rest of the carrots in that bag, cut them into sticks, and put them in the fridge to eat. I’ve become less enamored of the ubiquitous baby-cut carrots over the last several months. For one thing, I have a hard time finding a bag in the cooler case of any supermarket that doesn’t contain a pool of water. Hold a bag by the corner, let the water drain into the opposite corner, and it’s not uncommon to wind up with a triangle of water an inch tall or worse. And furthermore, I’ve noticed that they just don’t taste very good, if they taste like anything at all. (I suspect the former might have something to do with the latter.) Crunch: sometimes. Sweet, carroty taste: rare. So instead, I’ll take the time to peel and cut up the full-sized version (Wegmans only sells organic big carrots, which I’m fine with), usually a pound or two at a time, and reap the benefits of taste. For all I know, they’re better nutritionally also; I care more about the taste.


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