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July 16, 2010

Outdoor Frittata

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Last night for dinner, it was hot again, so we didn’t want to heat up the kitchen any more than absolutely necessary. Casey made dinner. He used up the leftover calabacitas taco filling and some of the poblano rajas, and cooked with fire.

filling, eggs, cilantro

To start, he lit the grill, and then came back upstairs to the kitchen where he combined the leftover filling, some of the rajas, and some chopped cilantro in a bowl. I think the filling got pre-heated a little bit, to take the refrigerator chill off.

filling, cheese, eggs

The filling, along with the leftover shredded cheddar and some beaten eggs, went down to the grill.

Thermometer at 450

By now, the grill was sufficiently heated to begin cooking.

Bacon, cast iron skillet, grill

The first thing on the grill was the cast-iron skillet, with a few strips of bacon. When the bacon was cooked, it got crumbled onto a plate that was waiting with some paper towels, to drain.

skillet with filling

And then the filling and eggs went into the skillet with the bacon grease and the drained crumbled bacon. After all, everything’s better with bacon!

Filling and eggs

See the bacony goodness?

Filling with cheese

When the eggs had set, the cheese went on top, to melt. Mmmmm, melty!

Browning the top with the torch

And it was cooked. Except that when it came upstairs, the top didn’t look at all browned or set, the way the broiler would have finished it off had we cooked the frittata indoors. So Casey remedied that situation with the blowtorch. Every fully-equipped kitchen needs a blowtorch.

Frittata, served

And then all it needed was a little sour cream and salsa, along with a final shower of cilantro. We were hungry last night: we ate about three-quarters of the pan while we watched the day’s Tour de France coverage, recorded from the live showing in the morning.


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